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Cub Scout Pack 4173
(Guntersville, Alabama)
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What is it?

Whittling Chip - What is it?

The Whittling Chip is the “license” for a Cub Scout (Bear or Webelos) to carry a pocketknife on pre-approved Pack/Scout functions.

There are specific Scout and Pack requirements that must be met and upon completion of those requirements the Cub Scout will earn the Whittling Chip Card. The Cub Scout must have the card with him in order to carry a pocketknife. The Pack does not supply pocketknives upon earning the card.

It is ultimately the parent’s decision to allow the boy to have and carry a pocketknife.

Please review the following for more information regarding this Cub privilege.

Again in order to carry a pocketknife (or multitool with a blade, etc.) The Bear or Webelos Scout must have completed the requirements outlined here.

In return for the privilege of carrying a pocketknife on pre-approved functions, the Cub Scout agrees to the following:

- To complete the Shavings and Chips Achievement in the Cub Scout Bear Handbook.
- To understand the rules for safe use of a pocketknife.
- To handle his pocketknife with care.
- To always close his pocketknife and put it away when not in use.
- To never use his pocket knife when it might injure someone near him.
- To promise never to throw his pocketknife for any reason.
- To use his pocketknife in a safe manner at all times

Please note the Pack reserves the right to regulate strongly the use and carrying of pocketknives within the Pack. If any Cub Scout is seen by a Leader, the Cubmaster, a Committee Member or a parent in a situation where he demonstrates poor responsibility which could possibly endanger himself and/or others, the pocketknife will be confiscated and given to the Cubmaster (or highest ranking Leader if the Cubmaster is unavailable - the boy’s parents will receive the pocketknife back after the meeting). The Whittling Chip Card will have a corner torn from one of the four edges of the card. If the Scout has all four corners removed from his card, he must retake the Whittling Chip requirements for reissuence of a new card.

If the boy does not have the card with him, he will be instructed to turn in it at the next meeting. Failure to do so may result in the boy be banned from carrying a pocketknife at all times. As a result, he will be unable to bring his pocketknife to any other pre-approved Scout functions until the Whittling Chip Card is given back. If a situation necessitates the use of a pocketknife for a supervised activity, the Scout may receive a temporary Whittling Chip Card and borrow a pocketknife from another Scout or an adult.

Parents please note that earning the Whittling Chip Card does not automatically allow the Scouts to bring a pocketknife to any and all Pack/scout functions. Den Leaders will let parents know in advance if a pocketknife will be used at the Den Meeting, Pack Meeting, or other Scout function. However, the Scouts may use their pocketknives at home to complete requirements for rank advancement, etc. with parent permission and supervision.

Poor actions may cause the Scout to be banned from carrying a pocketknife for all future activities and events.

Actions that will allow the Scout to carry and use his pocketknife include:
- Has completed the required activities and demonstrated safe knowledge and actions
- Has demonstrated safe use with other tools and equipment in the past
- Has demonstrated respect for others by not destroying other people’s property or handling without permission
- Knows and understands earning the Whittling Chip Card is a privilege, not a right or requirement of rank.
- Knows and understands that carrying and/or using a pocketknife is a privilege, not a right or requirement of rank.
- Knows and understands his pocketknife will be taken away for demonstrating poor responsibility or dangerous actions.
- Knows and understands that his parents have the final determination of whether he receives a pocketknife after earning the Whittling Chip Card.

Actions that will cause the Scout to lose his pocketknife & Whittling Chip Card include, but are not limited to:
- Swinging a pocketknife in a fencing motion, either in fun or anger, open or closed blade.
- Throwing/tossing a pocketknife, either in fun or in anger, open or closed blade.
- Threatening to use the pocketknife on another child (please note this action may also result in further disciplinary action. Please refer to the Pack Bylaws.)
- Leaving his pocketknife unattended for another to pick up and possibly get hurt.

Whittling Chip Requirements and Test

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Different kinds of knives

                             Lock Blade Knike                                      Multi-Tool

                    Common Folding Pocket Knife                         *Sheathed Knife

                                                             Utility Knife

* Sheathed Knife - Not for Cub Scouts!

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