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Cub Scout Pack 4173
(Guntersville, Alabama)
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Hiking Stick Program

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Program Goal

This program invites the scouts to be more active in the outdoors, to learn more about the environment, practice “Leave No Trace,” and learn what type of wild animals and birds live their local area. So why did your son want to join Scouting? Did he want to do explore the outdoors, learn how to use a map or read a compass, experience camping, and go hiking in fun exciting locations? If you answered yes, then the Pack Hiking program is for him.

Program Rules

·         All Tiger Scouts must have a parent or guardian with them on the hike.

·         Hiking mileage will be awarded for Pack, Den, or Scout Council sanctioned events. Individuals will be credited for miles hiked on vacations, family outings, or other non-Pack related activities.

·         All mileage that is earned must be recorded by the Den Leader and submitted to Cubmaster/ Assistant Cubmaster to receive credit. Mileage will be rounded to the nearest mile.

Program Achievements

The program would allow the scout to earn the hiking Stave/stick once the first 5 mile segment is complete. The hiking stave/stick will be presented at a pack meeting and come as a bare stick. The scout will then earn different accoutrements for every 5 or 10 miles

after that such as:

·         At 5 Miles – Hiking Stick and 5 Dark Green Beads

·         At 10 Miles – Feather

·         At 15 Miles – Arrow Head

·         At 20 Miles – Water Bottle Holder

·         At 25 Miles – Compass

·         At 30 Miles – Dog Tag Medal

·         At 35 Miles – Survival Bracelet

·         At 40 Miles – Toboggan

·         At 50 Miles – Day Pack

How Far and What

·         Hike lengths range typically 2 – 7 miles.

·         Tigers have no problem with 2 – 4 mile hikes. Just ensure that the parent-guardian has plenty of water along, and a few snacks (for both of them). Tiger’s are required to have

a parent-guardian on the hike with them at all times.

·         All hikes MUST have TWO deep leadership to proceed.

·         On longer hikes we will typically eat lunch on the trail (practicing “Leave No Trace” at all times). Scouts will carry water bottles and may use day packs (or parent-guardian acts as the beast of burden).

·         On warmer weather hikes, a small water bottle is not enough for even the smallest Scout so please be sure that the scout and parent-guardian has plenty of fluids. Sunscreen is also a must along with a hat (rimmed hat is preferred).

·         During winter, prior to departure, double check the dress of the Scouts (particularly newer Scouts) to ensure they are properly prepared. If not, you may need to wait for them to go and pick up the forgotten, hat, gloves, mittens, coat, boots, etc. or be sure they have a checklist.

·         An adult leader is assigned to the “tail” position. No one is allowed behind this individual. The Pack hikes as a unit. We start together, break together, etc., with everyone following the same trail. We may allow an older Scout to “Lead”. We will usually work in map reading and use of a compass with them, where we have a route that can be read. It’s up to the Scout to determine which fork to take to stay on the design route, or if a new trail needs to be transitioned; they will however, have their decision confirmed by a leader.

The boys are doing GREAT!